It is hurry up and wait to get the window repaired in my car and get it back.  I feel helpless not having the car here.

Tonight is our monthly Ladies Fellowship at church and provided my car is back, I will be going to that.  If the car isn't ready, I will need to call someone for a ride.

Rain, rain and more rain is the prediction for us today and for several more days.  This summer when it is hot and dry and we need rain, I will have to remember these days.

We were watching a program in TV last night and this interesting information came up, so I had to research on Google of course.  I did not know this before, did you?

Trivia:  Did you know that George Washington was NOT the first President of the US?  He was the first elected President, but there were several before him.

1 Peyton Randolph 

2 Henry Middleton 
3 Peyton Randolph 
4 John Hancock 
5 Henry Laurens 
6 John Jay 
7 Samuel Huntington 
8 Thomas McKean 
9 John Hanson 
10 Elias Boudinot 
11 Thomas Mifflin 
12 Richard Henry Lee 
13 John Hancock[g] 
14 Nathaniel Gorham 
15 Arthur St. Clair 
16 Cyrus Griffin 

These were the presidents of the "Continental Congress", who you could say were the first "real presidents". Their office was created by the articles of confederation rather then the Constitution of the United States which took quite a while to come to fruition.

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. I had heard of Hanson but not of the others. That is very interesting.

  2. Very interesting - I had no idea!

  3. I hope you get your car back in time for your Fellowship meeting. I didn't know that about the Presidents:) Great trivia! Have a blessed day dear friend, I will be out and about in the rain. HUGS!

  4. Never too old to learn something new!! This was skipped in my history classes! How interesting! Hope you get your car back today! Be careful out there in that wet weather!

  5. Yeah I knew, smiles...hope you get the car fixed / back soon, smiles.

  6. ps love the background, smiles

  7. Very interesting facts there about the first Presidents. Hope you get your car back today.

  8. Hope your care was finished on time.
    That trivia was news to me too!

  9. Now that is very interesting! As much history as we watch around here, you would think that would have come up.
    Hope your car is back!

  10. I did not know thst about the Presidents. Thank you for sharing that bit of trivia. And I love your Valentine's Day background.♥️