Well, I guess I am totally losing it.  I called the dr. office on Mon. because I thought my appointment was on the 17th.  I was told no, it was the 19th.  So I waited all day yesterday and no doctor, so I called the office again and was told it was MARCH 19th.  They had not told me that on any of the calls I made.  Needless to say, I was a wee bit upset.  So I wait a month!

This being alone sure makes for long days and sadness.

I have errands to run today and they are saying wet snow in and around our area but no slick roads so I am going to brave it and go on my way.

I don't have any other news, other than Aryn has a basketball game this evening and I will watch it on my computer.

Have a good day, whatever is on your agenda.

We love our Pastor and his wife, and he made a statement lately that he was not going anywhere else and planned to stay at our church forever.  That statement sounds even more true as they just purchased the parsonage as their forever home!  They signed the papers yesterday and we couldn't be happier.

He is a hunter and fisherman and when we told him we were going to donate Jim's deer heads, he immediately said he wanted one for his office at the church.  He said he could look at it and remember a good man who had gone on to Heaven.  He picked it up yesterday.

My doctor is supposed to come today.....I made a mistake in the date.

Murphy is coming over to continue going through closets and sorting clothes, etc.  The will is to be probated on Friday and we should then be able to speed up the moving project,

I woke wide awake at 3:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep.  My mind was working overtime evidently, so maybe I can get a nap late this afternoon before church time.

Have a blessed day and if you are anywhere in our area, stay dry - more rain today.

Does your State follow daylight savings time?  If so, it will be here by March 8th and I am looking forward to it.  I wish they would leave it alone and let it be that way year round!  Spring forward!

My second oldest granddaughter graduates from high school this year and plans to attend Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  They took a tour of the entire school yesterday and she is more excited than ever.  As of now, she plans to go into teaching and this is a good school for that degree.  In fact, I have an Aunt and Uncle that both graduated from MTSU and taught school all their lives.

I made a mistake in dates and my doctor is to come on the 19th instead of the 17th.  Hey, I am old!

My Pastor is coming today (or is supposed to) to pick up one of the deer heads.  It is raining so not sure that will come to pass either.

I need to go grocery shopping but in the rain??  Is it worth it?  I have bread and milk and coffee so I may wait another day or two.  Whatever is on your calendar, I pray you get it done with ease.

Today is February 17th and spring begins on March 19th...........are you ready for more sunshine, less rain and some warmth?

We are not making much progress in cleaning out here and cleaning out at my son's house, so that they can move over here.  Everyone in his whole house has been sick for 3 days and just not able to do anything and I have told them to stay at home and not to bring the sickness over here.  It will get done - in time.

My doctor comes today to give me check up.  I really like having a doctor that makes home visits as it saves me having to find someone to take me to an office.

My Pastor wants one of the deer heads that we have to put in his office.  He said it would always remind him of Jim.  He is coming to get it tomorrow.  We are donating the others.  (There are 6 in the house)

Althought reality has set in, I am going to try to lean on my God, my friends and stay busy.  I praise God that I am sleeping good at night,  I am reading some good books too.

I have to say thank you again for your sweet comments - they have been a big encourgement to me during this difficult time.  I covet the prayers daily.

Having a hard time right now 
so going to take a blog break.