1.  Am thankful the hot water heater - heated!  After the element was replaced, wasn't sure it worked....but no cold shower for me.  Yippee!

2.  Jim got a good report from the Nurse Practitioner and she won't return until after the lab is drawn and the results are in........routine.

3.  I am so thankful for the gas run fireplace and how it keeps the house warm during these cold winter days.  It has automatic thermostat and comes on when the temperature reaches a certain level.

4.  I am thankful for Jim, who will eat anything I cook and always says it is good....whether it is or not.  He never complains about meals.  If I don't feel like cooking a '3 course meal', he is happy with a sandwich.  If I do cook a large meal, he always tells me how good it is.  What is so unusual about this is that I am not a 'cook'.  I don't like to cook and never learned how to prepare meals.  He thinks I am a winner tho!

5.  I am thankful for a hot cup of coffee to start my day.


Our visiting doctor comes today, but in the form of the Nurse Practitioner, to see Jim and answer any questions and renew any meds necessary.  Jim wants to talk about his back pain and see if she has any suggestions for relief.

As I type, I am listening to the future weather forecast and they continue to predict snow for the weekend, but I won't hold my breath.  Ten years ago we had about 3-4 inches this week so who knows, maybe we really will get some of the white stuff.  I know the kiddos want it and if I can stay inside and home, I will enjoy seeing it fall and cover the ground too.

A dear friend came yesterday and put a new element in the one water heater that had 'died' and we are most thankful.  I haven't given it a try as yet, but will today.  Keeping my fingers crossed that did the trick and it has hot water again!  

That's it for me and mine.  Jim is doing well these days and I am hanging in here with him.  Have a happy Tuesday and be blessed.

It was a loss at the game, but a win for us as we got to see Aryn play 'in person' and not on the computer as always.  She had a good game but the other team just had a better one!

As we started home, it started raining hard and got colder and we thought we might get a snow flurry or two but so far, nada.....just messy.

Church this morning and nap this afternoon.....perfect day!  Hope yours is equal.

We are going to get to actually go to a basketball game and watch Aryn play today.  They are playing in a town less than 30 miles from us and it is probably the only chance we can see them 'live'.  So as my background says, we will 'BE HAPPY'.

Jesse came over yesterday after school to show us his award for making the Honor Roll at school and said he wanted us to have it!  I told him that his Dad would probably want it at his house but he said his Dad told him it was his award to do with as he pleased and he wanted us to have it!  I immediately framed it and told him I would definitely hang it on the wall.

I had night #3 without leg cramps so something is working!  I am using the Theraworx at night before bedtime, so hoping that is the key.

So, you are now up to date on me and mine, so go.......have a lovely day!

I don't know if it is the weather, winter, or just me, but I don't have the energy or inclination to do much of anything.

January has always been a hard month for me.  It is the 'after' month; it was the month of my Mother's birthday, it is cold and no porch sitting for me.  I will just be glad when this month moves on.

Aryn's team had a game last night and won.  She scored 20 points and did her part.  We got to watch on the computer.  I am thankful for technology.

I will pick up groceries today and that is it.  Hope you have some sunshine and a good day.