It is getting harder and harder for me to post on the blog.  We are not going anywhere interesting or doing anything that would interest anyone and it is just good old summertime.  Lots of porch sitting.

Therefore, as before, I am going to leave my blog page open but probably am not going to post except on and off.  I hope you won't leave me as I do hope to come back one day with 'good' news.

Jim is primary right now and we are still deciding what is best for him.   I will keep you posted as I know what procedure(s) will be done.

Til then...........God bless you every day in a special way.
Murphy and Jesse had the chance to tour Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville yesterday.
Murphy's best friend is a local radio sports announcer and he had two extra tickets to go on the tour and gave them to Murphy and Jesse.  Needless to say when you are a University of Tennessee "Big Orange"' supporter, it was a day to be remembered.

You can tell from the pictures some of what they got to see and do............and more.  Murphy said it was one of the best Father/Son days yet!

Jesse even got to be on the radio with Scott McMahan (Quake)

If you have ever been a VOL fan, you know who John Ward was.  Jesse
got to sit in his seat where he broadcast the games!

Needless to say it was a special day for a boy and his Dad!

So very much so!

Still having rain and downpours so can't change my background today.  We had it all day yesterday and the same is predicted.

We have a case manager for one of the workers coming for a check at 9 and then Social Services coming at 10:30.  Sharon will be back from her mini-vacation so she will be cleaning while the others are here.  Busy day.  

I know there is a reason for all these folks to be coming and I understand, but it doesn't mean I have to like it, and I really don't.  Just about the time I get dinner ready or am in the shower, lo and behold, here comes someone to see and check on Jim.  It is hard to keep up.  But am thankful at the same time that we have caregivers.

Hope your day is quiet and calm and good!

Yes, rain today and all week here.  So that means inside "stuff'".  For me that means laundry and cooking something.  We might get a break or two and can sit on the porch, but not likely.

The epidural did it's job for my back and I am thankful.  Jim is still in good spirits and reading some new books that a deacon from the church brought him.  He reads constantly......I wish I could, but reading puts me to sleep.  I can listen to one on my Kindle but otherwise, 3 pages reading and I am gone.  But Jim loves it and it makes me happy to see him happpy.

I am having an epidural in my back at 6 am this morning so if you are up at that hour, say a little prayer that all goes smoothly.  I am going to the hospital to be put to sleep this time.  The other way, without anesthesia, was just getting too painful.  Big chicken here!

Jim continues to be at peace and feels good so I am very thankful for that and prayers are being answered every day.

Have a great Monday!